Sanitation and waste management

Country : Burkina Faso

Region : Ouagadougou (Borrow of Saaba)

Beneficiaries : Population of the borrow and of two other cities; Gourcy et Kombissiri

Costs : CHF 124'240 (in2010)

Duration : 3 years (2008-2010)

Goals :

  • Contribute to rise awarness about the risks linked to the bad handling of domestic wastes
  • Support three local communities in their waste management strategies
  • Gather the main actors of waste management in the country in an official network
  • Build a waste management plant and ensure it's financial viability.

Main problematic :

Plastics, used batteries and other toxic wastes reach even the most secluded areas in Burkina Faso. People are often unaware of the health and environemental problems causes by these "new" wastes.

In addition, local authorities, when aware of these serious problems, lack the financial and technical means to manage wastes.

CEAS has decided to support three local communities. First hand in hand with a local association in the borrow of Saaba (Ouagadougou). Then, in the cities of Gourcy and Kombissiri.