Methodological manual on the exchange of personnel within the framework of South-South and South-North cooperation

Tools and procedures to maximise the chances of success

When we talk about the exchange of personnel in the international cooperation, it’s usually about the sending of development workers (volunteers), by an organisation based in the North, who is a specialist working in a specific field in the South to transfer skills. Development workers benefit at the same time from an enrichment in work experience and human relations. Although there are exchanges of professionals from the South with other countries of the South or North, they are rarely addressed in the development service context, with a few excepions.

However, profound changes have taken place in recent years regarding the distribution of knowledge and skills, which are no longer only in the North, but are also found in the South. This has a direct impact on the concept of the exchange of personnel in the international cooperation. A widening of the reflection for the exchange of personnel at different levels as an instrument of the international cooperation is useful.


Author: Daniele-Enrico Fino
Editor in charge: Jean-François Houmard
Graphics: Christian Schoch
Layout and illustrations: Patrick Kohler
Translation : Myriam Barton-Cox
Revision : Martin Schreiber
Print: 80 copies, free version available online at:
Publisher: CEAS Ecological Centre Albert Schweitzer

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